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Torry Harris Placement Paper

1. binary equivalent of 52.

Ans 110100

2. which device has grid in it.

A) diode b)capacitor c) transistor d)resister.

Ans:- capacitor

3. which of the devices are used for filtering purpose.

a)capacitor b)inductor c) both d) none Ans C

4.3rd generation semiconductor are based on?


5.where does the value of data stored in microprocessor after operation?


6.filtering can be done by using?

ans-capacitor n inductor

7.what is largest value that can be represented in bytes?

1.128 2.255 3.256 4.125

8.int a=1.1
float b=1.1
if (a==b)
printf("both are same")
printf("both are differnt")
what will be output of the above programme?

9.In OSI layer emulation process occurs in which layer?

1.operation 2.presentation 3.application 4.transport layer

10.In stack register data are in or out on which basis?

Ans:LIFO 2.FIFO 3.BOTH 4.none of these

12. which device is most likely to be failed.

a) resister b) capacitor c) transistor d) diode

13. float a=1.1;
double b=1.1;
printf(“both are same);
printf(“both are different);

what is output:-

14. stack uses LIFO, FIFO, Round Robin etc

ans:- LIFO

15. 1280 divided by smallest no. becomes perfect square.

Ans :- 5

16. maximum integer that can be accommodated by 1 byte.

A)256 b)512 c) 255 d)128

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