Chandramouleshwara TempleChandramouleshwara Temple:
           Chandramouleshwara Temple at Unkal is famous for Historical Western Chalukya period Chandramouleshwara Shiva temple and Unkal lake. Chandramouleshwara Temple is one of the beautiful temples in Dharwad district.
Chidambara AashramBhavanishankar Temple:
    Bhavanishankar Temple This Chalukyan temple with the image of Sri Narayana is flanked by the ten incarnations of God.

 Annigeri Annigeri:
           Annigeri has many historical temples including Kalyani Chalukya period Amriteshwara temple. It is about 30 km from Hubli, between Hubli and Gadag.

Banashankari Temple Banashankari Temple:
   Banashankari Temple Amargol is famous for the Shankarlinga and Banashankari Temple. It is in between Hubli and Dharwad, and near to Navanagara.

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    Asar It was built by Mohammed Ali Shah in about 1646 to serve as a hall of justice. The building was also used to house two hairs from the Prophet's beard. Women are not allowed inside.

Glass HouseGlass House:
    Glass House As the name suggests, this is a palace of glass, inaugurated by the former Indian Prime Minister, Smt.Indira Gandhi.

Siddharoodha Math Siddharoodha Math:
          Siddharoodha Math is the eminent religious institution, a centre of Advaita philosophy as preached by Swami Siddharoodha, is located at near outskirts of Hubli.
Unkal Lake Unkal Lake:
          Unkal Lake A pictorial water spot with a magnificent sunset view, this perfect picnic spot has green garden, recreational facilities for the children, boating facilities, etc. The lake is 3 km away from Hubli.

Nrupatunga Hill Nrupatunga Hill:
          Nrupatunga Hill is a hillock located on the North-Eastern fringe of Hubli. The top of the hillock offers a pleasing panoramic view of Hubli city. The span of the panoramic view extends from Amargol in the North, to the Airport in the West all the way to the Southern parts of Hubli. It is a popular location for morning-walkers and especially in the evenings for the youth of Hubli to spend time.